And the Winners for the Fourth Annual Short Fiction Contest Are…


The winner of the Fourth Annual Short Fiction Contest is “In a Chamber of My Heart” by Sandra Gail Lambert (pictured).

The two runner-ups (in alphabetical order) are “Sky Blue” by ‘Nathan Burgoine and “What Took You So Long?” by Vince Sgambati.

Our Finalists for the Fourth Annual Saints & Sinners Short Fiction Contest (in alphabetic order) are:

  • N.S. Beranek, “Thou Shalt Not Lie”
  • ‘Nathan Burgoine, “Sky Blue” (Runner-up)
  • George E. Jordan, “Looking for Philip”
  • Sandra Gail Lambert, “In a Chamber of My Heart” (Winning story)
  • Joe Landrum, “The Favour of a Reply”
  • Anne Laughlin, “It Only Occurred to Me Later”
  • Jeff Lindemann, “Bruno’s Last Supper”
  • JR Greenwell, “Silver Pumps and a Loose Nut”
  • James Russell, “Mountainview”
  • Vince Sgambati, “What Took You So Long?” (Runner-up)
  • Jim Stewart, “Bucky and the Woods-Cop”
  • Karis Walsh, “Stained Glass”

All of the finalist stories will be included in the anthology Saints & Sinners: New Fiction from the Festival 2013 to be published by Bold Strokes Books and released at the Book Launch Party on May 23 to launch the 10th anniversary festival. Tickets are available for the Book Launch Party with an evening of (complimentary) cocktails and readings from the anthology Saints and Sinners 2013: New Fiction from the Festival. All guests receive a copy of the book

We’d like to thank everyone who entered the Fourth Annual Saints and Sinners Short Fiction Contest. We’d also like to thank Felice Picano who served as our final judge and Bold Strokes Books for publishing this year’s collection. Finally, we are especially grateful to The John B. Harter Charitable Trust’s continued support of Saints and Sinners and LGBT Literature by sponsoring this contest.